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When a 'Like' isn't enough, use the 'Love' button for the Internet. Use bitcoin to tip anyone, anywhere, at any time. It's fast, easy and global: guaranteed.

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It's fun! You can save time and money tipping others with bitcoin. Simply mention @ChangeTip and an amount and we will take care of the rest.

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Every day you come across something you really love. You can use ChangeTip when the "Like" button isn't enough.

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You can tip people quickly and easily over social media, like Twitter and YouTube, and the web at large.

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Bitcoin is an exciting new technology that enables you to tip online for the first time. It's fast, safe and global.

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You'll love tipping online

You can get creative with tipping, too. Discover how you can customize your tipping experience by using monikers.

You can tip with literal amounts,like $1 or 1 USD. You can see the list of supported currencies here.

You can also use standard monikers. Monikers are like tags. They are just words that represent an amount of money. For example: 1 beer, 2 coffees, or 5 donuts. It's really fun to create your own monikers.

You can even assign a value to phrases, like "thank you", "cool story, bro!" or "This is awesome." Monikers make your online tipping experience fun.


$3.50 USD


$2.50 USD


$1.50 USD

What monikers are you using?

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an exciting new technology that connects everyone on earth financially for the first time. It's fast, safe and global. And it's free for you to use on ChangeTip.

Bitcoin allows you to send money instantly, with lower transaction fees than credit cards or any other payment option.

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Join the exciting new global revolution and connect directly to your favorite people today.

"...The concept of tipping is spreading. In March, a Silicon Valley company opened ChangeTip, a platform that allows people to send small Bitcoin payments through social media, email, Skype or text to show their appreciation for content creators (or anyone) on the Internet." - Hilary Stout, The New York Times

"ChangeTip is the micropayments infrastructure for the web." - Johnny Dilley, Pantera Capital

"This is the first time we've been able to tip eachother online. It's magnificent."-Osiris Reid, Content Creator & Painter

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