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better than a share.

Donate to any person, cause, or creative endeavor. ChangeTip makes it as simple as a tweet or a like.

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A New Way to Make a Difference

Give to whatever mission, artist, or freethinker inspires you - anywhere in the world, without any red tape.


Every day you encounter causes, creatives, or content that make you want to help, to applaud, to think, to support.

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Use your social media account or one of our simple tools to send a tip or donation as easily as sending a thumbs-up. No amount is too small to be appreciated.

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Change the World

Coins add up. They buy coffee for a blogger, tools for farmers, guitars for artists, medical supplies for the injured. It’s a new way to make a difference.

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The other side of the coin

We've worked really hard to make ChangeTip universal.

Our custom pages, one-time links, and many platform integrations allow our users to send tips and donations anywhere.

This is good news not only for the generous hands of our tippers, but also for the creative minds of the artists they tip and big hearts of the people who work for the organizations they support.

ChangeTip is a great way to gather tips and donations, and we’re doing everything we can to make it simple for you. So what are you waiting for? Let’s change the world.

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What do I have to do?

First, set up a ChangeTip account. We support bitcoin, which can be used on its own or translated into many different global currencies. We’ve made sure to provide as many ways to tip as possible.

Then, do what you always do. When you find content or an artist or a cause that you want to support, send a tip or donate with a Tweet or post and the amount you want to share, or send an email or chat with an easily-generated URL.

You can even get creative with monikers. Someone posts a statement you like? Send them a literal amount, like $3, or use one of our preset tags to send them ‘a beer’ ($3.50). Use our monikers, or create your own.


$3.50 USD


$2.50 USD


$1.50 USD

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You're in good company

Social gratitude and generosity is the natural outcome of our digital age. Our hearts haven’t changed just because the way we share them has. And we’re not the only ones who think so:

"...The concept of tipping is spreading. In March, a Silicon Valley company opened ChangeTip, a platform that allows people to send small Bitcoin payments through social media, email, Skype or text to show their appreciation for content creators (or anyone) on the Internet." - Hilary Stout, The New York Times

"ChangeTip is the micropayments infrastructure for the web." - Johnny Dilley, Pantera Capital

"This is the first time we've been able to tip eachother online. It's magnificent."-Osiris Reid, Content Creator & Painter

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