Payments Made Human

Send money to anyone with an online presence.

How It Works

Payments flow directly from one wallet to another. We don't hold funds at any point.


Make a tip or payment through a social channel you are connected to with ChangeTip, such as in a Tweet.

ChangeTip's bots will trigger a notification to your wallet, asking for your approval for the payment to go through from your wallet to the recipient's wallet.

Pay Directly

Tip or pay someone directly from your ChangeTip Wallet to any other Bitcoin wallet.


Check out why ChangeTip Wallet is the best global solution to payments.

Delivery Speed Money Limits Global
Bank Transfer 1 - 4 days Varies
Venmo 1 day $300/week
ChangeTip Wallet < 10 min No Limit

Social Channels

We support payments and tipping on the following social channels.

You're In Good Company

Social gratitude and generosity is the natural outcome of our digital age. And we're not the only ones who think so: