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Send or receive donations, tips, or payments to and from anyone, anywhere, and at any time over social networks, chat, SMS, email, and more...

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Why ChangeTip?

ChangeTip is the fastest and easiest payment solution that connects you to anyone in the world through digital currency.
No bank account? Small transactions? No problem.


Connect using one of our many social or collaboration tools to start spending and earning.

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Send donations, tips, gifts, payments, and rewards on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and many more. No amount is too small.

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Accept donations, payment for services, or tips for great content, talents, and performances.

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Fun and Flexible

Get creative with spending and customize your experience by using monikers.

You may send literal amounts, like $1 or 1 USD.

Monikers are like tags, and we have created a few standard monikers to help you get started. They are words that represent an amount of money. For example: 1 beer, 2 coffees, or 5 donuts.

You may also assign a value to phrases, like "thank you" or "This is awesome sauce". And if you have a business, you may create monikers for your brand or product.


$3.50 USD


$2.50 USD


$1.50 USD

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an exciting new technology that connects everyone on earth financially for the first time. It's fast, safe and global. And it's free for you to use on ChangeTip.

Bitcoin allows you to send money instantly, with lower transaction fees than credit cards or any other payment option.

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Join the exciting new global revolution and connect directly to your favorite people today.

"...The concept of tipping is spreading. In March, a Silicon Valley company opened ChangeTip, a platform that allows people to send small Bitcoin payments through social media, email, Skype or text to show their appreciation for content creators (or anyone) on the Internet." - Hilary Stout, The New York Times

"ChangeTip is the micropayments infrastructure for the web." - Johnny Dilley, Pantera Capital

"This is the first time we've been able to tip eachother online. It's magnificent."-Osiris Reid, Content Creator & Painter

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