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Photos of Teenagers' Lives in Limbo Between Incarceration and Freedom

Juvenile offenders who are arrested, adjudicated, and placed under surveillance are allowed to remain in their communities on the condition that they check all of the right boxes along the way to reform: drug testing, counseling, community service. But very little attention has been paid to the impact that this constant monitoring has on the development of young offenders.

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One Man’s Plan to End Water Scarcity for Everyone

DigDeep is centered around one very simple notion: Water is, and should be honored by all as, a basic human right—whether humans are in need of access to water in Sudan or Southern California. DigDeep is one of the only nonprofits with a focus on both US and global water poverty.

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World's Largest Peace Sign Attempt

Yoko Ono aims to create the world's largest human peace sign in honor of what would have been John Lennon's 75th birthday.

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