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The Chemical Brothers - Go

Jump out of your mind and get out of your skin. Because The Chemical Brothers are only here to make you GO!!!! I friggin love this song man. Nearly put my back out dancing to it in the shower. Don't laugh, I know you do that too :) Singing with shampoo bottles pretending that it's a microphone and all that malarkey. You aint fooling nobody.

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John Newman - Tiring Game ft. Charlie Wilson

Just found this new song by John Newman today. And me likey. You will likey too! And tip the man if you do.

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The Africoin Report #2: My Trip to Kenema City | Lets Talk Bitcoin

Well now. Lets Talk Bitcoin in Africa. Well done Chernoh for this article. I personally can't even convince one person at a time to take bitcoin seriously. And this young man managed a debate with 8 people in opposition and converted them all. I really like hearing about how bitcoin is spreading to the far reaches of the earth. Chernoh is doing good work here and needs some support. You heard the man, he needs some travel money to spread the decentralisation gospel. Send him some doh by clicking the tip botton bellow!

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