Specifying a Tip Amount

There are a few different ways you can indicate an amount in your tip.
  • You can use a literal amount like 0.00011 or 10.0001 . Check out our list of supported currencies.
  • You can use one of our standard monikers from the list below, for example 1 beer, 2 coffees, or 5 donuts.
  • You can create your own create your own custom monikers like thumbs up, gas money, or a trip to Paris. Whatever you see fit!


  • Our robot minions will interpret a cookie, some cookies, another cookie, or just cookie as 1 cookie.
  • If we find multiple values in a tip, we'll send the smallest one to protect your wallet.
  • The normal maximum tip is $25.00, but if you want your limit to be higher, reach out to us and we'll make it so.


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Tips are sent in Bitcoin which allows us to keep a 0% transaction fee.
View conversion rates for paper currencies.