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Twitch bot developed by Steve Mance

Twitch is the leading social video platform for gamers and links fans with live streamers. Fans chat while watching their favorite gamers make their way through virtual worlds, and we think ChangeTip is a perfect fit for showing appreciation on this platform. Both gaming fans and professional gamers themselves are able to tip each other in the chat box.

Checkout the Twitch.tv Bot Github Repo


We think this is a great use case for ChangeTip. LoveStamp is building a unique loyalty rewards solution that combines 3D printed stamps and bitcoin rewards delivered via ChangeTip.

  • Merchant stamps customer's phone
  • Customer receives a random amount of rewards to their ChangeTip account
  • Rewards are mentioned on LoveStamp.io social account for additional social marketing benefits for the Merchant

Use Cases and Examples

Login with ChangeTip

Allow your own users to connect their ChangeTip accounts

  • Build tipping support into your own website
  • Allow user data (with the user's permission) to be pulled into your website

Example Use Cases

If you manage a social website such as a forum or other community, you may allow your users to connect their ChangeTip accounts and easily embed a tip.me widget or even natively support tipping.


See the Authentication section for more details.

Get User Information

Retrieve information about ChangeTip users

To retrieve information about users you will need an access token.

Example Use Case

Retrieve the BTC wallet address of a specific user


User BTC deposit addresses are available through the wallet address and user detail endpoints.

Query the wallet address endpoint, passing in the user's username:

    $ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <your_access_token>" http://api.changetip.com/v2/wallet/address/?username=enidkapelsen

    $ curl http://api.changetip.com/v2/wallet/address/?username=enidkapelsen&access_token=<your_access_token>

You'll receive a response like this:


Or, if you have the user's ChangeTip user ID, pass full=true to the user detail endpoint:

    $ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <your_access_token>" http://api.changetip.com/v2/users/81225/?full=true

    $ curl http://api.changetip.com/v2/users/81225/?full=true&access_token=<your_access_token>

The response will include the user's BTC deposit address:



Create a url that may be claimed by the first user who clicks it. It's perfect for private messages via e-mail, chat, or SMS. It’s also great for contests, rewards, and gamification of content by sprinkling links within web pages, emails, and other content.

  • Send tips, gifts and donations to anyone, anytime, and anywhere - without requiring pre-authenticaion or channel-specific integration
  • Increase engagement with unique contest and giveaways

Example Use Cases

Adam Guerbuez had a little giveaway – the first person to click his link won some money, and Martin Holland over at OurEverydayEarth.com set up an online scavenger hunt by hiding tip urls in online posts.


To create a tip url you will need an access token with create_tip_urls scope permissions.

    $ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <your_access_token>" --data "text_amount=100%20bits" https://api.changetip.com/v2/tip-url/

    $ curl --data "text_amount=100%20bits" https://api.changetip.com/v2/tip-url/?access_token=<your_access_token>

The response will include your tip URL:


You may also include an optional message with your tip URL:

    $ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <your_access_token>" --data "text_amount=a%20beer&message=A%20little%20gift%20for%20participating" https://api.changetip.com/v2/tip-url/

    $ curl --data "text_amount=a%20beer&message=A%20little%20gift%20for%20participating" https://api.changetip.com/v2/tip-url/?access_token=<your_access_token>

Send Tips / Payments

Easily send tips, gifts, donations, or payments via comments, chat, or social post.

  • Increase engagement and loyalty
  • Improve quality and service
  • Create additional and unique revenue streams

Example Use Cases

  • Tweet rewards for purchases and online / mobile app activities
  • Enhance engagement and social features by allowing members to tip each other in comments or chat
  • Allow readers / viewers / customers to tip content creators and service providers to increase the quality of content and service


In order to enable tipping on your platform:

  1. contact us so we can create a tipping channel for your app and add any additional permissions your app may require.
  2. Set up ChangeTip OAuth to allow your users to connect to your application via a "Login with ChangeTip" button. Once your users connect their accounts on your application to ChangeTip, you'll be able to facilitate tipping between them.
  3. Use our transactions and tip endpoints to send and receive tips!

Build your own bot, and facilitate tips between your users.

If you're specifically looking to create a bot for your platform to enable your users to send and receive tips:

  1. Complete steps 1 and 2 above.
  2. Have your application watch when users attempt to send tips back and forth on your website or webapp, for example via forums, chat rooms, private messages, etc. If their accounts are connected to ChangeTip, your app can capture that message and send an HTTP POST request to the tip endpoint
    The endpoint parameters:
    • message: text that includes the tip. For example, "Cynthia, love your art, here's $2"
    • receiver: The username (on your site) of the tip recipient. Note that prior to sending tips, this username must be provided to ChangeTip via the /v2/verify-channel-user endpoint after successful authentication.
    • context_url: A fully qualified URL where this tip took place. This can be used on your own site and will be shown on a ChangeTip user's home page. This is good for you as it's yet another inbound link to your content.
    • context_uid: (optional) A unique identifier you create for this transaction. This is a helper that keeps ChangeTip from processing tips from your webapp multiple times. This is especially useful for apps that stream data/don't manage their own lists of messages or tips. If not provided, ChangeTip will create one for you.

To send and receive tips on behalf of your users on any channel (twitter, facebook), assuming your users have those social networks connected to their changetip account, requires your application to have special scope permission. Please reach out to us with this request.

Here are a couple more applications using the ChangeTip API.


Bonafide.io allows you to manage your bitcoin transactions in one place and build a reputation through bitcoin activity and ratings from others. Bonafide.io offers login with ChangeTip to track ChangeTip transaction activity and help automate your Bonafide profile creation. You may choose a public, custom, or private profile.

ChangeTips on a Plane

On a rooftop BBQ in Argentina, we heard street performers and wondered how we would tip them. As we continue to live in an increasingly cashless society, the thought of how to tip bitcoin in any way (even if people don't have phones…) never truly escapes our minds. We built ChangeTips on a Plane as a hackathon project and made it a reality. Hook up a printer and get flying!