ChangeTip offers a micropayments platform that enables you to create your own applications for micropayments. We believe that micropayments will reduce friction (time, cost and cognitive load) around payments, and new human behaviours will be revealed. This will drive a new set of interesting business models and create an environment that takes us to new levels of creativity.

The ChangeTip API has already helped devlopers add tipping to chat on Twitch.tv, and enables instantaneous loyalty rewards delivery for LoveStamp.io, and so many more from our talented api developer community. Find out the basics of how to get started below, or checkout more examples and use cases in the Examples section.

Getting Started

  1. Look at the ChangeTip API reference and example use cases to help decide what sort of tool or application you want to build.
  2. Register to get access to the ChangeTip API endpoints.
  3. Request additional permissions if you need them.
  4. Make use of our examples, client libraries, and API support as you develop your app.

Fine Print

  • By using our API, you agree to our Fine Print.
  • API usage is free for up to a maximum of ten thousand transactions per month, one thousand per day, and one hundred per hour. If you require more usage, please contact us for more information.

API Client Libraries

We've built language-specific helper libraries that help you write bots on sites that you don't own. Twitch and Slack ChangeTip support was added this way - want to work with us to add tipping to your favorite site?



3rd Party Libraries

Our friends in the developer community have built some wonderful libraries. But note that these are not officially vetted or supported by ChangeTip. They are also subject to change without our knowledge, so please use descretion before installing, updating or using them.



We provide a number of different ways to get help, because we want you to be successful.

Get Help

  • Ask a question on StackOverflow. We are listening for questions that mention ChangeTip, and then your question can help others learn.
  • E-mail API Support - you'll get an answer from a Geek who wants to help.
  • Contact us to request an invitation to our ChangeTip API Developer slack channel.